Our services


 1) Private Label.

 Extra virgin Olive Oil could be bottled and packaged in a private label, according to the customer’s needs.

 Olympus Olive Oil has a completely automated production line of high specifications and there is a potential to bottle up to 5.000 bottles per hour.


 2) Olive Oil quality control


In the facilities of Olympus Olive Oil there is a new fully certified laboratory, where our technical analysis meets the strictest rules of European Union and international standards.


 3) Trade of agricultural products


Olympus Olive Oil has the potential to transfer various Greek agricultural products (such as olives, Greek cheese- feta, honey, vinegar etc) all over the world.

 4) Laboratory Analysis:


First stage of Olive Oil analysis (based on legislation), acidity analysis, peroxides analysis and analysis of K 232, K 270


 (Second stage)


Chemical Sheets of Foods (Quality Control for the detection of Food Residues)


Microbiological analysis of Foods (test for the presence of food allergens and pathogens)


Chemical Sheets of Foods (Adulterated food quality control)


Nutritional Value Analysis

Traceability System: In order to provide all the necessary information to the consumers about the route of Olive Oil, from the Olive-tree to the final points of sale, Olympus Olive Oil established a distinguished traceability system. This is the most valid and innovative service that concerns every product of food consumption. 


5) Research and Development-Business Decision Support System


Design and Implement simulation studies for food safety and food duration, new food product design, risk assessment surveys in the production process of foods, studies of food consumption impact on the population.


Food Production Process monitoring and evaluating for Food businesses (auditing).