Olive Oil


Why should someone choose Greek Olive Oil..??


  • Greece comes third in Olive Oil production worldwide. Total production of Greek Olive Oil comes approximately at 400.000 tons per year. 
  • Greek land is used mainly for the olives cultivation. Today in Greece there are at about 150.000.000 olives trees and they cover approximately m² of total Greek surface area. 
  •  Over 80% of total Olive Oil production corresponds to Extra Virgin Olive Oil production, while in island Crete this percentage increases to 90%. 
  • Greece is the top exporter country of Extra Virgin Olive Oil all over world. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is definitely the highest quality of Olive Oil and it is produced according to the strict European legislation followed by systematic assurance of the quality. 
  • P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered to be the top-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil worldwide. 
  • More than 450.000 families work exclusively in the field of Olive Oil production, processing and Olive’s residues, the time that there are more than 2.800 Olive Oil mills alongside the country. 
  • Greece follows the strictest approach of European legislation for the production, processing and protection of Greek label, due to the great importance that Olive Oil and other products of the Olives play in the Greek Economy. 
  • Greece has the most appropriate climatic conditions for the Olives trees flourishing in comparison to any other country. The elements that help the best Olive Oil production are the temperate climate, the warm Mediterranean Sun and mild winter. 
  • The systemic cultivation and production of Olive trees in Greece is a tradition that comes from the ancient Greeks, who were the pioneers in Olive Oil production. 
  • Greek Olive Oil is an integral ingredient of the famous Mediterranean and Cretan Diet. Nowadays this kind of Diet is associated to excellent health benefits and longevity.