Olympus Olive Oil is a Greek corporation which has been exporting since 2010. 

The main products of Olympus Olive Oil are the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Greek Virgin Olive Oil.

Olympus Olive Oil aims to promote famous Greek agricultural products to the international markets. Olympus Olive Oil tends to become one of the greatest exporters of Greek products utilizing the competitive advantages that Greek Products have, despite the low export activity of Greek economy the last years.

Olympus Olive Oil has been established as a great exporting company. The fact that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is upper class quality is classified at the top-ranking by consumers. We have already cooperated with huge group of companies from China, Germany, Russia and United States of America for the promotion of our products in these countries. We supply great quantities of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in these countries and the prospect for further cooperation extend to many years. 

Olympus Olive Oil has facilities with specialized equipment, which give the flexibility for storage, bottling and packaging of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and all the other products according to the most demanding rules of European Union. In the modern production line can be bottled, packaged up to 5.000 bottles per hour and can be storaged up to 2.400 tons of Olive Oil.

Human Resource Department consists of highly trained professionals with years of experience in the field of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They are the guarantee for the exceptional quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil because we have chosen the most reliable as well as experienced collaborators and workforce.

During the bottling and packaging stage we apply all the necessary strict security measures in order to make sure that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and all the other products are totally from natural and safe products of exceptional quality. We have adopted a traceability track system in order to provide all  necessary information regarding our products to the consumers and the authorities, from the first stage of production to the terminal destination on the shelves of super-markets. All products are certified with ISO 22000:2005, P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) as well as P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication), according to the rules of European Union. This way Olympus Olive Oil lets the consumers know about the origin and the exact route of its products.

As a top export company Olympus Olive Oil belongs to Special Register of Greek Exporters, Association of Thessalian Enterprises and Industries and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Larissa.