Olympus Olive Oil's facilities are located in over 10 acres (40.460 square meters) in the Industrial Area of Larissa, in central Greece.
As the name of our Company suggests, Olympus Olive Oil is located geographically near to the mountain Olympus, where the twelve Gods used to live according to the Greek Mythology. More specifically, Olympus is located north-east at Thessaly and the height is estimated at 2.917 meters.

 Administrative offices

The main offices are located in a building of 650 m². In the second floor there are fully-equipped offices of the management staff and at the third floor is located the President’s Office as well as the Meeting and Conference room of Olympus Olive Oil.

In the ground level of the building a new modern laboratory has been developed, where the quality control of our products takes place. The laboratory of Olympus Olive Oil is fully certified by the Greek Authority.
Production and Bottling line of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 The production, packaging and bottling line of Olympus Olive Oil is located in an area of 900 m², where there is mechanical equipment of the latest technology. Automatic production line has the capacity of bottling up to 5.000 bottles per hour.
Storage for raw materials and completed products

The total surface of the storage comes to 1.600 m². There is a potential of storage up to 2.400 tons of Olive Oil in the stainless tanks as well as 120 tons of completed products.