New International Honors - April / May / June / September 2018


Brand new International Awards for the year 2018.

During the two months of April and May 2018, our superior quality Olive Oil won four medals while participating in an equal number of International competitions.

Specifically, we won a Silver Medal in the Olive Japan International Competition in Tokyo (shown here), Gold Medal in the largest and most famous Olive Oil Competition in the world taking place in New York (shown here), that broke a new record of having 1000 entries from all of the 28 Olive Oil producing countries on the planet.

The Gold medals continued to arrive during May, as our superior products received Top Honors in the Oil China International Competition in Beijing (shown here), in addition to receiving another Gold Medal in the largest International Competition in Italy which took place in Paestum (shown here), an event that this year broke a new record of entries as well.


Following the exceptional tributes to our superior products, Top Honors were also received in June at the Terra Olivo International Competition, as the highest Award of Gran Prestige Gold was awarded in Jerusalem as well (shown here), acknowledging once more our extraordinary quality.


Subsequently and during the month of September, our superior quality product received again the highest Award of Gran Prestige Gold (shown here), which this time was awarded in the Olivinus International Competition in Mendoza, Argentina. The contest constitutes the second oldest and broadly accepted worldwide competitive event for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


To be continued with superior quality and superior awards…