Olympus Olive Oil established in spring of 2011. Olympus Olive Oil’s vision and perspective is the promotion of Greek agricultural products, which are known to be the base of Mediterranean Diet, all over the world.

  Olympus Olive Oil’s vision is to promote Greek Olive Oil and especially Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is the main ingredient of Greek - Mediterranean Diet. Greece is producing the best Virgin Olive Oil all over the world. The production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Greece comes up to 80% of the total production of Olive Oil, which amount is the highest among all other counties which produce Virgin Olive Oil.

 Its own and modern facilities in the Industrial Area of Larissa extend approximately to 10 acres of land (40.460 square meters). The summer of 2011 was completed successfully an investment of 5 million € for the latest technology in equipment as well as for building facilities of storage and automated packaging Olive Oil of high quality and productivity. Our company has the ability of bottling up to 5.000 bottles per hour. Moreover, we have our own fully-equipped laboratory, where the company’s appropriate department consistently goes through strict quality control process for our high-quality products. In order to provide the consumers all the useful information Olympus Olive Oil has adopted a traceability tree system, which indicates all the characteristics and the exact route of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

 As a result of our participation in International food and drinks Trade Fairs in Europe, Asia (China), America and Australia, Olympus Olive Oil signed one of the biggest Olive Oil contracts in Greek Market. Today our company exports 2.000 tons of Olive Oil worldwide, classifying the reputation of our products and our reliability.