Quality Control

 Quality Control Department

In order to secure the total quality of the products Olympus Olive Oil establishes a modern laboratory, which is located in Olympus Olive Oil’s facilities.

The Laboratory of Quality Control is specialized in Olive Oil and can give specific results of the classification of Olive Oil.

Having adopted International Quality Management Systems the Laboratory certifies the successful application through chemical and microbiological analysis.


More specifically, labatory of Olympus Olive Oil can provide:

Laboratory Analysis:
First stage of Olive Oil analysis (based on legislation), acidity analysis, peroxides analysis and analysis of K 232, K 270
(Second stage)
Chemical Sheets of Foods (Quality Control for the detection of Food Residues)
Microbiological analysis of Foods (test for the presence of food allergens and pathogens)
Chemical Sheets of Foods (Adulterated food quality control)
Nutritional Value Analysis

During the bottling and packaging stage we apply all the necessary strict security measures in order to make sure that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and all the other products are totally from natural and safe products of exceptional quality. We have adopted a traceability track system in order to provide all  necessary information regarding our products to the consumers and the authorities, from the first stage of production to the terminal destination on the shelves of super-markets. All  products are certified with ISO 22000:2005, P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) as well as P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication), according to the rules of European Union. This way Olympus Olive Oil lets the consumers know about the origin and the exact route of its products.