Welcome to Olympus Olive Oil!

Olympus Olive Oil is one of the leading and most reliable Greek Export Companies.

The main activity of Olympus Olive Oil is the export of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other Greek Agricultural Products. In Olympus Olive Oil's own facilities in the Industrial area of Larissa, where is located the state - of - the art packaging and bottling Extra Virgin Olive Oil factory, there is a completely automated production line for 5.ooo bottles per hour.

Fully equipped laboratory which exists in the factory ensures the best quality of our products through consistent quality controls. Our laboratory is certified by Greek state following the strictest rules of European Union and is one of the most reliable laboratories in Greece.

Our goal is to promote Greek agricultural products and especially Extra Virgin Olive Oil all over the world.

Olympus Olive Oil can guarantee the perfect quality of Olive Oil, which is produced exclusively in Greece by Greek farmers with years of experience.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil are the most health-promoting types of Olive Oil and they are the base of Mediterranean Diet.

They are rich in monounsaturated fats, which medical studies have shown that they have high nutritional value and excellent health benefits.